Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Simmer and Steps

It's been a long time since I've (we've) written anything here.
For our readers, despite the lack of words -- it says a lot.
Bottom line, it's still quiet.
Or, at least it was.

In the past month, God's hand has been moving again.
He's starting to stir us up again, for something.
We've felt a thought the "quite" time is coming to an end and God is preparing us for something.
While we still aren't sure what that means in relation to ministry, we've come to a place where we are ready to face what's next.
We are anxious for it.
Excited to see the continuation of this very interesting, and stretching journey.

In the past few weeks, Ryan and I have had some very real, and very eye-opening interactions with people.
Through their words to us, God has spoke to our hearts.
Preparing us.
Making us excited to venture "back" into ministry.
God has been stirring us up again.
Even though the pot is still technically simmering, we feel strongly that this season is soon to change.

Professionally, Ryan and I are in great places.
 Ryan is still loving his job at Farmers, and they are happy with him as an employee.
His job has been a gift from God, and one that we do not take lightly.
On my end, a very exciting opportunity presented itself in my career and I followed it.
After applying and interviewing, I was chosen as the new Curriculum and Assessment Coordinator for my School.
It was a long-shot in my mind that I would get the position, and I am overly blessed and honored that I did.
This professional change for me means a bigger change for our family.
I am going back full-time.

Since Eli was born, I have been blessed to be part-time.
My going full time is a choice as I pursue this position.
A position I have aimed for since my college years.
Eli is now two.
He's getting more and more social.
He desires that outlet and interaction.
Ryan and I are ecstatic about the opportunity that awaits me in this new position,
but we are tentative about where Eli will be starting in August.
I am confident this will be a good transition for him too, but I am still very concerned about it as well.
I am trusting that as God has very evidently opened this door for me, HE will also provide the perfect opportunity for Eli as well.

How can you be praying for us --
1.  That God will continue to stir the pot. We are ready to be back in ministry, and are ready to jump when HE show's us what that means.

2.  For Peace in my new job position.  I am so excited, but so worried about Eli.  Please pray that God will show us the right fit for Eli so that he will continue to grow and learn, and we will be confident in our decision.

God is still very much here and a part of our lives.  Despite the quietness, God is still working and speaking.

We trust where he is taking us, and where we are going -- with every passing day.
Thanks for hanging in there with us -- and traveling this journey alongside us.
It's still to be continued!