Monday, September 13, 2010


Sometimes, things come to us.
Ryan and I talk regularly about this journey we have found ourselves on.
We wonder about all of the whys.
We talk a lot about the what ifs.
We think about the things to come.
Mostly we talk.
Talk through past situations.
Talk in regard to present burdens.
Talk about current blessings.

Nine times out of ten, we find ourselves in the cycle of whys.
Still wondering.
The conversation ends with big questions remaining in the air.

We think about what's next.
What door to be seeking.
Who will cross our path.
The next part of this journey.

I can honestly say that we have no clue.
If you haven't already picked up on the elephant in the room its that NONE of this fully makes sense to us.
We are just going with it.
Conventional? No.
Planned? Nope.
Desired? NOT AT ALL.
Impressed? Yes. On our hearts.
And for now, that's all of the reason we have, "because it was pressed deeply on our hearts."
Ryan ended our conversation two night ago by saying,
"Des, we are living sent- our current life's calling was to go...we are doing that. God is sending us somewhere HE knows, and for now that's alone is our purpose. Sent and Following.
Living sent."

In worship yesterday, while singing a favorite the words resonated like never before.
Shortening the verses this quote came forth...
"Called Out.
Made new."

Months ago, we were called out.
We followed.
We faced some hard times, God is making us new through that.
We are currently unsure of what's next but we've followed.
We are living sent.

Details unknown.
Life a bit jumbled.
Focus unclear.
Moving one step at a time as God lights the path.
and thankful.

Living sent.